"Fourgle" Application is a product of Fourgle System Pte Ltd., a Singapore-based startup company with research and development office in the heart of downtown Bangkok, Thailand.

​Fourgle began a couple of years ago as an idea on how to serve matching content to specific communities without a hassle of tracking or using unsolicited privacy prying techniques. Along the way, we established our own patent-pending content platform technology that makes our ultimate goal possible. Combining with the latest research in machine learning, Fourgle platform aims to keep relevant content updated and deliver it across all user social angles.


Enterprise/Social content database has become increasingly complex. The process of finding, analyzing, and serving appropriated content to the right people involving too many moving parts put together to make it work.​

Our goal is to build a modish community content platform, which addresses current requirements of speed, scale, smart, and privacy concern from the ground up.